Microwave DOOM

I was informed by a friend that Level was going out of business, and anything not nailed down at their HQ was now up for grabs. As an aficionado of Silicon Valley culinary hubris and 'fiction involving network-connected ovens', I obviously had to get my hands on one.

Under the hood the oven runs Android, so enabling adb wasn't very hard. Once adb is enabled, we can push apps to the oven, confirming once and for all that yes, it runs Doom.

      ~/Downloads/platform-tools $ ./adb connect
      => connected to
      ~/Downloads/platform-tools $ ./adb install original-doom-1-0-3-1-multi-android.apk
      => Performing Push Install
      => original-doom-1-0-3-1-multi-android.apk: 1 file pushed. 0.6 MB/s (8716284 bytes in 14.018s)
      =>  pkg: /data/local/tmp/original-doom-1-0-3-1-multi-android.apk
      => Success

As a bonus, we can also watch videos on the Level Oven, making it possible to watch shows about internet-connected microwaves on an internet-connected microwave.